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May 15, 2017


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just keeps getting better and better...when does the drama end.

Edward Panschar

I find it easier to make sense of Trump's actions when I realize they're the product of an amateur politician, one who, in his previous career, had no system of checks on his actions. If he ran into a problem, he huffed and threatened lawsuits. If that didn't work, he simply moved on. If a problem got really bad, he could just declare bankruptcy for the enterprise. That past experience, coupled with an enormous ego and confidence in his always being able to succeed has been carried into the Oval Office. He trusts his judgment over others. The results speak for themselves. Amateur!



KFS to Dan Sweeny

Thanks for your comment Dan. Writing about the misadventures and scandals of our infant-in-chief is akin to writing about a tennis match . . . as its in progress.

Dan Sweeney

How weird is it that you can write a lengthy post on the president’s scandals only to have it be old news within an hour of publication? I mean, this is just getting to be too much to keep up with, and I keep up with this stuff on a professional basis.

KFS to Charles Setty

Chuck: It's hard to be "fair and balanced" when it comes to this "arrant, rascally, beggarly, lousy knave . . ." And as for the similarity to Hannity, this just shows that we both know how to count!

Charles Setty

you are regrettably mimicking Hannity from Fox news, when he had his countdown on Obama days left in office--1340 days left, or perhaps less in impeachment, allows for your pen to busy itself, to scribe some nasty things about the Donald--hope you are well Chuck

Joseph Lambert

And you haven't even gotten into today's bombshell news that DT shared highly classified information with the Russians in the Oval Office. When will this ever end? I suppose that the most we can hope for is the eventual removal from office of DT before he blows up the planet, but that will still leave Mike Pence as President, and although he may not be as unhinged as DT, he is equally illegitimate and the result of a fraudulent election.

Rich Cohen

And with today's "Washington Post" revelations re: Trump's sharing of highly sensitive, classified documents to the Russians during their Oval Office meeting last week. More & more "republican dominos" are falling and jumping on the "impeachment bandwagon." Please continue to share your thoughts and facts regarding Trump's attempt to destroy our democracy. I feel for our country's (uncertain) future but I'm also enjoying every word of your insightful comments.

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