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May 09, 2017


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If memory serves me correctly, wasn't the "Medicine Man" or the healers revered in so-called 'primitive' cultures.

So...the AHCA is progress? Hmmm.

Richard Bernstein

If life is a pre-existing condition,why the obsession with abortion? Life seems to me to begin at conception. It "pre-existed" birth.
I just returned from that citadel of single-payer, Cuba,where we were driven, at a price unaffordable for most Cubans to the Ontological Hospital. No air conditioning, no running potable water, no medication, flies all over the bathroom. My sister-in-laws was put on her back by the radiology tech. The doctor had to remind him that his patient was being treated for rectal cancer!The only pain relief she got was Tylenol PM.
brought from Florida.
Incidently,the tech missed the cancer twice and she has to return to that hell hole when the burns go away. In Cuba's single payer system, you certainly get what you pay for.


I wish they would...like every other civilized country. Unfortunately there are too many greedy selfish people in this country for universal healthcare.

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