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April 08, 2017


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Chris B.

Thank you so much for "King Solomon and the Magic Coin' fable! I am mourning my beloved companion of my last 28 years. It giving me a insight in how I survived for 76 years! Also for the term 'chinera' not to my own experience but also how people may react to my life story! As a child I escaped from reality into the fantasy world of fairy tales and fables. Now when people worry about my sorrows I can point to Solomon's Coin. Maybe I can even find one, or have one made.

I started already to reread my grandfather's International Fairytale collection published in the 1920's in Germany. Maybe I'll translate them!


How can one believe that a man with 300 wives and all those concubines had only 3 children?? How is one to believe such a story?? Maybe we deserve Trump---

diane brenda bryan

Dear Kurt, Thanks for the wisdom. I really needed that today. Hope all is just fab with you. Still hanging in and hoping for more.
Wish you and Anna a Zissin Pesach.
Miss your lectures and companionship.

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