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April 24, 2017


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As usual you are "right on". Our best scientists will have to find a Bill Gates or other billionaire to assist them in their research efforts.

A.R. Wald

Even Pres. William Henry Harrison ("Tippecanoe") had a better first one hundred days . . . and he was dead for 69 of them!


well said but unfortunately I see no change in his agenda.


Captain Queeg looking for his strawberries or Trump looking for HIS wall. His Bigly accomplishment. Makes me sick😩


Bravo, agree; however, there is generally a backlash when government (here the NIH and FDA), is imagined to have gotten too fat and inefficiently slow


Greek Philosophers anticipated the inevitable when they said :

“When interacting with Ass-holes, expect to hear farts!

{Re: 45 (BTW, referring to our current abomination as “45” is a good term to use) }

Edward Panschar

Pundits keep trying to explain Trump's 'policies'. I don't think he has any policies. His actions bear all the hallmarks of an amateur coping with issues. He seems to face any issue/act/condition with an impulsive reaction. Tomorrow's reactions may be something quite the opposite. If his actions were done within the framework of a policy, then surely his minions would be acting in concert with him. Not the case. To say that this administration has policies would be a half-truth at best.

Joseph Lambert

As a physician who has spent >18 years working in the pharmaceutical industry as a specialist in drug safety, I couldn't agree more with your important words.

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