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April 01, 2017


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My dad knows Ed

Judi L.

He is "class" personified. So happy to learn my judgment of him is correct. Great article. as usual.

Ed Schiff

Dear Kurt:

That was a very nice article you wrote about my son Adam. You met him almost 9 years ago at the
lunch at Broken Sound shortly after the service after the passing of his mother my wife Sherry.

I am swelling up with pride reading about Adam.

I hope you and your family are well. My very best.

Ed Schiff

Richard Cohen

Since the election of our Emperor-wanna-be, representative Schiff has been a constant presence on cable news. I find him to be a bright, articulate, and calming force in a rising sea of lies, BS and very possibly treason. Thankfully, he is the ranking member on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. His seat on the committee will help steer it to a full & clearly conclusive investigation on the Russian involvement in our recent election. With conclusive findings, it should follow that all persons involved be removed immediately from the administration, indicted and imprisoned for treason. Then the rest of the world will understand that our democratic values are strong and will out live the embarrassment of having elected a Donald Trump to occupy the White House. His lease is up on/before 2020.


An impressive biography, and a little more than I need to know about the man-one hopes if he does become president, he will know how to steer the ship of state, and coordinate ALL factions of the government in the proper direction. Obama proved to me ,at least, that simply putting a smart man in office does not insure smooth sailing on the world front, and sometimes creates an atmosphere of hate and distrust, and leads to the election of someone like Trump.


Thanks for this, Kurt. Adam is my Congressman. I truly believe the WH is purposely undermining the House investigation because they're petrified of Adam...

KFS to Pal Al

Indeed, Adam Schiff is one of the good guys . . . and generally the smartest guy in the room. He is also a gentleman, which is increasingly rare in the world of politics.

Speaking of baseball, would you believe that #45 is not going to be throwing out the first ball tomorrow in Washington? If I remember correctly every POTUS has thrown out the first ball since Wm. Howard Taft more than 100 years ago. For you and me, this is likely the lowest point in his presidency. I mean, even I would run for president if it guaranteed me the right to sit in the first row and throw out the first pitch! They probably throw in a free bag of peanuts and a couple of kosher hotdogs. This guy I the worst!

Sorry your guys lost Opening Day to the Rays. I believe this represents the sixth Opening Day in a row they have dropped. Oy! As for me, I'm wearing my Clayton Kershaw tee shirt all day tomorrow! Go Dodgers!! Let's pray for a Dodger/Yankee World Series in '17. That should be a great test of our friendship.

G-d willing, see you on Wednesday.

Be good to yourself,


Pal Al

Wow my dear rabbi. I had already written down that I admired Adam Schiff and felt he is one of more important representatives in the House. He truly seemed to me to be one of the really good guys. Your blog, or should I say Short Story, was wonderfully written and I can read between the lines the strong admiration you have for this fine man. May he continue to move onward and as you say, we hopefully can expect even better days ahead for him and with him. See my dear rabbi on Wednesday. Be well. Pal Al

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