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March 05, 2017


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Stephen Barett

You really nailed it. Please do everything in your power to this insight to public attention. We need to change the national dialog so that instead of arguing about whether particular statements are lies, a simple statement that Trump is a bullshitter will become the focus. I really think the public and news medic will relate to it.

To begin with, send an op-ed to the New York Times.

Richard Cohen

Since the inauguration I've been wearing fisherman's wader boots because the "bullshit" keeps piling up and I'm tired of shoveling.

Nancy lee

I am worn down by it all. Besides bullshiting, he is gas lighting. The room temperature IQ's out there in half the population is alarming. Maybe it is all that soda eating holes in half the population's brains. All these rich guys are going to save you? bullshit. Our society has outgrown conventional jobs and that is the reality. The rich guys will now exploit you and blame it on Mexicans, Muslims and the Media: good luck.

Riki Stone Posard

Don't ya just want to punch-his-lights-out?...I do!!!

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