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February 20, 2017


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Don Edlin

Wow !!! What a guy !!! It will take a 2nd or 3rd reading to digest the more important passages (all of which are so brilliantly composed) in order to reply and to properly thank you for breaking "tradition" by offering this amazing piece of history. Always believing that I am a devoted student of American History, I'm embarrassed to admit that I do not remember ever reading his "Farewell Address".

Shirking all sense of modesty, I was the Valedictorian of my graduating 8th grade class - totaling less than 50 of us. Searching for a famous speech to repurpose, I selected the Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. It was short & sweet, and garnered the great praise from my classmates, but not that of our Principal - Dr. Morris Hamberg. Some where I have a copy of the 3 score and 1 year old address.

Be well,



thought for sure you would celebrate president's day with a treatise, about our new president, and the joys he has brought to the country. Or on the other hand, perhaps a comparative contest between Trump and James Buchanan

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