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February 06, 2017


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Richard Cohen

As usual Rabbi Stone,you're right on target. I'm joining Caryn in calling "what's his name" just #45. No.45 has finally realized "he's not in Kansas anymore" & as the cowardly lion he is now looking for his brain (good luck with that). It is so sad to see the highest office in our great country being run by #45 and his bumbling, clueless and witless inner circle. The swamp has been cleaned of compassionate, intelligent & thoughtful people and replaced by lobotomized bigots, racists, anti Semites and the religiously intolerant. Fortunately, "Trumpism" has awakened the real Americans who are now fighting to take the White House back.

Barbara B.

Great article as always. TW3. It's a good thing I am old. I get all of the references.

Still laughing at Trump = has I-strain.


Showing my age! The equivalent to TW3 is SNL. What really bothers me though is the lack of respect for the "Presidency", not for 45 (my husband and I decided that is what "he who shall not be named" will henceforth be called). Have you seen the videos from around the world of countries vying to be number 2 (after America 1st)? Romanians marched and the government rescinded the proposed law making certain types of political corruption exempt from prosecution. We march and this administration is deaf. The intent of 45 and his cronies is to continue to beat us down until they hope we are fed up and give up. I do not hang my hopes on impeachment. I hang my hat on hard work to change Congress and get rid of our Governor. Thanks again for good writing, depressing, but insightful as always.

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