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February 27, 2017


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KFS to David S. Levine

My goodness; someone didn't take their Metamucil this evening. Such anger and vindictive language. As a variant of what you would likely say to Democrats (correctly spelled) "Get over it; you won." Yes, the Democrats, for the most part (though not entirely) did sit on their hands this evening. However, if you will recall, the Republicans did virtually the same thing when Barack Obama was POTUS. (Oh, I forgot, they had to sit on their hands and call him a liar for after all, he was a foreign-born Muslim).
If you can tell me what solid legislative proposals #45 enunciated last night, I'm all ears. What I heard was classic Steve Bannon filtered through Reince Preibus and delivered at a lower decibel. It was nearly totally devoid of specifics. Remember, this is still the same guy who has "led" through Executive Orders," denounced much of the Fourth Estate as "Enemies of the People," and bagged about groveling women. Sorry, but one fairly rational, mature speech doesn't cut it. Nor does your characterization of those you do not agree with as being "rat bastards."
Have a great day.

David S. Levine

This guy, a left-lib Democ-rat obviously, is full of crap. (That's why he probably has brown eyes.) Trump is on his way to becoming the president who renews America. The program he laid out this evening is exactly what the USA needs. I notice that his fellow Democ-rat bastards were sitting there like the manure lumps they are except to waive their thumbs down on repeal of the hated Obamacare. The washed up hack they used to respond to President Trump was succeeded by a Republican for a very good reason--he was a failure. Democ-rats, be prepared for eight years of Trump!

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