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January 30, 2017


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Thank you as ever for exposing the TRUTH. Tonight where I live, there was a HUGE outpouring at a meeting opposing Trump's policy ban. The building was filled to capacity and with many of all ages. For the first time, I saw many young people! We are the Majority and we will Resist these attempts to destroy democracy and promote Freedom and opportunity for all. Stay grounded and focused.

Steve B.

"For many, the logic behind President Trump's Executive Order... is clear: if the order keeps even a single potential Islamic terrorist out of the country and saves even a single life, it will have been worth it... By this logic, if by enacting laws which would keep all assault weapons and multi-round clips out of the hands of the American public even a single innocent life is saved, wouldn't it be worth it?"

For that matter, any potential terrorist that is already here is in great shape... because the GOP demands his/her right to purchase assault weapons. 'Merica!!!

Thanks, Rabbi Kurt Stone, for your wisdom.


am with you on just about everything except equating the Christians and Yazidis, with Shiites or Sunnis

Richard Cohen

When a clueless demagogue the likes of Mr Trump who receives thoughtless policy recommendations from the bigoted, anti Semite Steve Bannon what else would you expect. Trump is the captain of the 2017 version of the "St Louis," in which a passenger ship carrying Jewish refugees from Germany at the outset of WWII was refused entry into the United States and several other ports of entry. The ship returned to Germany and Adolph Hitler announced "See, nobody wants the Jews." And their fate was sealed. If president Trump seriously wants to save the American people from terrorists who threaten our country, he should start by looking in the mirror.

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