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January 09, 2017


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Paul Jacobson

Dear R-D-P (Rabbi, Doctor, Professor) Stone,

Cuppa tea, maybe. I think my grandmother's "Guggle Muggle" might be more suited!

(a "Guggle Muggle" was, at least as I remember, a cuppa tea fortified
with some schnaps....(whiskey)...

It's suddenly 1968, all over again?

KFS to Richard

Richard: Obviously in mentioning a cuppa tea and a biscuit I am by no means suggesting that this should be the extent of our response; merely that we should take extra special care of ourselves for the fight which looms.

While I do agree that the media should continually hold Trump and his Republican allies feet to the fire, it won't have any effect on his more rabid supporters. He has already set them up to reject anything the mainstream media says by labeling them a pack of elitist liars. Having said this however, such an approach could have a chilling effect on House and Senate Republicans who are already gearing up for their next reelection . . .

Next week's essay will offer a far more comprehensive strategy for taking on the incoming administration.


Brilliantly put, Rabbi. Your remarks are always "right on". I have been drinking a lot of tea lately, and have tried to support my grandkids when they decry what is happening in the world arena. Thank G-d they are keeping up with the world news, discouraging as it may be.

Richard Cohen

Unfortunately a cuppa tea & a biscuit won't cut it. What will, is hopefully the American public becomes more actively involved in the political process and that we insist responsible journalism holds the incoming administration accountable for its EVERY action. Otherwise, we'll all be looking for the lifeboats.


A cuppa and a biscuit is sounding pretty good!

Shoshanna Ehrlich

oy vey.

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