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January 16, 2017


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Don Edlin

Dare I remind all of you that unless Da Donald does something specifically despicable and/or in violation of his oath of office, etc., etc., he will be the POTUS for at least the next 4 years. Your Anti-Trump activism should be focused on the members of Congress.

As it stands right now there are only 2 or 3 Republican Congressional seats to be contested in the next cycle, while there are at least 10 Dems that will be fighting to retain their Congressional seats in 2018. And half of them are in states that Trump tromped.

You all have quite a challenge - so you better get to work!!

PS: Please, there is plenty of "Real News" stories detailing Trump's escapades - so, no more of those "Fake News" fiascos ! Its really embarrassing. There is only proof that the DNC was hacked, but there is absolutely no clear verification that the Russians actually assaulted the vote count in Trump's favor.

PPS: Has anyone thought about a viable candidate for 2020 ?

Allan Fulton

Thanks Prof Stone;
Your blog gives some hope that my friends and I are not alone in being discouraged with so many of the things that are happening re Trump these past few weeks. I, like one of your commenters, cannot bring myself to calling him President Trump.) But, more importantly, thanks for the contact info for groups that are forming to try to do something positive to change things going forward. Allan Fulton

Ann D.

Thanks, I needed that

Al Blake

OK team. For those who really care about what’s happening to and in our Country with Donald Trump about to become our 45th President and want to do something about the lunacy and the incredible negativeness that this election has brought to us all, please print the 5 pages on the blog below-“Lunacy: The new Normal….. and then follow what it has to say. If you’re not interested, OK but I’m not sorry that I bothered you since we’re all in this together. All this really says is that we need to stay on course to guide our nation for the good of our people and not let lunacy etc. take over. This blog below tells it all and come from a dear friend, rabbi, lecturer, author and wonderful man who cares, like you and I, about our Country. Be well and Good Luck to us ALL. Bud Al

P.S. A video is included from Rachel Maddow. Please don’t miss that. It explains what happened after the overwhelming victory of President Obama in 2008 and how everything turned 2 years later in the midterm election in 2010.


Excellent blog! I hope my faith in ALL Americans is renewed by what you have said along with Rachel and the grass roots movement against Trump, I just cannot call him President Trump. Democrats and Republicans must unite to this cause. It seems to have begun, let's hope it continues to build.

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