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December 12, 2016


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I am reading "Theodore Rex" now. He took over the presidency with a big ego. Fortunately he mostly managed to channel it in the right direction. He was much younger and better informed that Trump but, as I read the early chapters, I am surprised by how similar the conditions of the nation were and by his disdainful, noblese oblige attitude toward much of the lower classes. Hannah assumed that he would flame out with his "cowboy" mentality. I hope Trump does. Roosevelt was not perfect by any means but his strengths prevailed thank goodness.
We are enjoying the bounty of his National Park system but his military misadventures shamed us.

Donald E.

We all agree that da Donald has many many flaws. Unfortunately, the "amateur" politician was able to "out-politician" the most sophisticated political machine in the history of professional politics.

Somehow within the very last months before the election, his campaign was able to convince the voters in the high electorate states (the ones the HRC chose not to focus on) that Hillary was infected with many many MANY more flaws !

Possibly, her flaws included her over confidence and a false belief that Obama's previous voters were a solid dyed in the wool Democrat block.

The people in those (high electorate) states have voted.

Alan R. Wald

You uncovered some Trump insanities that I had never heard.

Suggest that it is time to dust of the Emperors New Clothes as it applies to the Trumpette (he is sucha girly man)

Judith L.

If it was not so SERIOUS it would be amusing ( your last paragraph) I am TERRIFIED< What does our dear Netanyahu have to say about our new upcoming CHRISTIAN nation? I am old but, I so worry for my family and all of our families. Just curious..doesn't Trump breathe the same air? He can buy water but air?? I still look forward to your Weekly letter! Where are our LEADERS? Where is their gumption??

Richard Cohen

With the Electoral College meeting with the CIA re: Russian cyber interference in our election process, there's still hope of sinking the egotist. Then watch the lawsuits begin.


You should be thanking Trump for all the grist he will provide for your literary mill----Jefferson was a genius, but had his flaws, and looking at it bullishly, just maybe Trump will surprise us, if he doesn't get us into a war first, and kill us all off, or perhaps he will wait until Miami, Manhattan and Bangladesh are all under water. If memory serves me, guests at his last wedding were the Clinton's, Chris Mathews, Barbara Walters, as well as P. Diddy and Don King, more the current tabloid celebrities vs. the classical guests found at the Kennedy receptions.

Frankly, I tire of Trump, his need for publicity, his grandstanding and outright lies, and don't know how we will get through the next 4 years. You wonder how a man like that will keep his personal safety in check, with all the broken promises, and ones he is sure to break in the future, made to his emotional and financially challenged base, and enemies he is probably accumulating in that process, both here and abroad.

Barbara A.

I strain. Best line ever. Thx

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