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December 18, 2016


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Don Edlin

I have but one important issue regarding "Peace".

Jerusalem must never again be a divided city.

For centuries before the "common era", and millenniums before Mohammed established Islam - Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. It must never be used as a token in the peace process negotiations because we all recall what took place before 1967.It was just the violations of the grave sites, or the destruction off the synagogues, it was the abhorrent desecration of all that was Jerusalem - every gate, every cobblestone, every tiny alleyway was targeted.

How many time must we repeat - Never Again!

Jerusalem must be from now & forever the capital of Israel.

Look at the Temple Mount - there it is looking down at the Wailing Wall - our Kotel.

Muslims, Jews, Christians, and members of all other religions can walk freely throughout Israel - but a jew would be ill advised to out one foot inside the Dome of the Rock.

Scientists can successfully split a tiny atom - but Social Scientists will never be able to successfully split Jerusalem. I know, you know it, and most of the world also knows it.

Lets see, they gave the Sinai back to Egypt, and they gave Gaza & Ramallah back to the Palestinians. And what did they give Israel?

Certainly not "peace"!


Conservative members of my shul have harshly criticized the Obama administration for its position on the middle east. These people are sure Obama is a Muslim. Now they have Friedman. Mazel Tov.

Chas. Setty

NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FELT ABOUT OBAMA'S FOREIGN POLICY, AND HOW RIDULOUS IT SOUNDED TO ME AT LEAST, WHEN HE SAID THIS FRIDAY THAT WE ARE MORE RESPECTED AROUND THE WORLD TODAY, AS A RESULT OF HIS PRESIDENCY. YES I TOO WORRY ABOUT HIS NOMINATIONS, BUT AM WILLING TO GIVE IT A TRY, BECAUSE YOU AND ME ARE IN NO POSITION TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF THESE PICKS AT THIS TIME. HE IS HEADED IN THE WRONG COURSE, IT APPEARS; however, criticism on the part of liberals appears more sour grape than anything else. Some in the electoral college are receiving death threat from Democrats--so un democratic. I can see where your weekly pieces are headed, and judging from what Trump said about the drone captured by the Chinese, and his calm attitude toward Putin, I feel about the same way, as many diplomats who are foreign policy experts on the matters.


The nightmare goes on...and on...and on.....


Interesting facts. Thx.


There are so many things wrong with you article, it would take several books to correct. And I don't have the time nor inclination to write them.

Elliot Altman ( children bar/bat mitzvaud and married by Rabbi Friedman).

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