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December 06, 2016


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Thanks for writing this, I can't write and can hardly read about the Tweeter in Chief (yes, I can't even write the name).


Unfortunately, unlike Obama, every little "good thing" Trump does will be instantly tweeted all over the world making him look like the "hero and chief".
Also, as I've said previously, he will do whatever the hell he wants and say anything he wants (no matter the truth), stepping over every policy or law and there's not a darn thing anyone will do about it.

I hears VP Biden is thinking about running in 4 years....hope so.

Ike Semaya

History has shown us that from1906 thru 2016 we have had 12 Republican Presidents. Each one the country has had to endure a recession. From the Hover Great Depression to the Bush Great Recession and every kind in-between. We have had 8 Democrat Presidents. Of the 8 Presidents 4 had 0 recessions and 4 had recessions. Mostly mild ones. Predictions are that we are headed for another big recession.

Richard Cohen

Mr Trump's attempt to "drain the swamp" is only to make room for his own cabinet "dreck." So far, his nominees are clones of the same people in the current administration that he complained about on the campaign trail. His interior nominee is an anti environmentalist; General Mattis as Secreatary of Defense will, under current law, be an illegal appointment without an exemption from congress. He is stacking his cabinet with his rich friends and Wall Street buddies, a totally hypocritical reversal of his campaign rhetoric. And the biggest, most frightening prize of all, ithe possibility that he could have the opportunity to change the balance of the Supreme Court for generations. I'm only hoping that the "main stream media" doesn't cower under his bullying and keeps close scrutiny on his governance.

W. Jost Michelsen

Kurt, I think that you mis-represent Ben Carson. He was never and is not a brilliant Neurosurgeon. As a matter of fact, he has not made a single advance in Neurosuregry, nor written an important scientific paper. His books are plagerized ( ask him )and the gang at Hopkins are glad to be rid of him. ( they would never say this of course). He has never held a leadership position in Neurosurgery. He is not smart. W. Jost Michelsen, MD your old Harvard Footballer

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