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December 27, 2016


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Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

Clearly, we're headed where no one has gone before . . . again.

isn't this the truth? Been catching up on your latest articles and as ever have wanted to hear your comments. Thank you and will stay strong.

Ike Semaya

No matter what anyone thinks, there were 71 previous votes in the UN against Israel by the past presidents of the USA. Where was the out cry then as it is now????????? Netanyahu and Obama have been at odds with each other from the very start of the Obama years. Obama wanted to be the President who would bring peace to the Middle East. Bibi blocked him. Nothing more can be said. If Abbas wants a country, now is the time to come to the table. We are hearing from England and France about Kerry's speech. Why didn't they vote against the resolution?

Don Edlin

Those who have studied the History of Western Civilization and base their life experiences and decision making on that history are simply unable to understand the "Islamist Mindset".

The Western World uses "Western Logic". The Islamists of the world are devoid of Logic and any form of Personal Responsibility for any & all personal actions.

Ask an Muslim sales rep to bring his superior to a dinner meeting to complete a transaction at 6PM. Their reply: "Of course, we will meet at 6PM, insh-allah."

Ask a muslim store keeper if the rug you ordered will arrive on Friday: "Of course, it will arrive on Friday, insh-allah."

Ask an Islamic Authority if the agreement that was just agreed to and he just signed will begin on the approved date, he replies: "Of course, this agreement is important and will start on that date, insh-allah."

When none of those commitments are realized, the reply is always . . . "I wanted to do as agreed, maybe tomorrow, insh-allah.

I lived in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia for many months at a time, and in Kuwait for 4 years. The secret to any success is "Baksheesh". We Westerners would describe it as a "Bribe",and the US Commercial Attache made it clear that bribery it is against the law in the US. In the Middle East it is a legal method of insuring your needs are met.

And our President and Sec. Kerry think they can negotiate with these asinine relics from the Dark Ages? Gimme a break!


Beautiful article. It could only be improved if you had a crystal ball. As a left-wing family, daughter # 1 a rabbi, lives in Israel, daughter #4 spoke at the DNC. My gut tells me Obama did Israel a major service.

Donald Silverman
donaldjan@ mac.com

Al Blake

Hi my dear Rabbi:

I see that you’ve changed a wee bit from your initial reaction to the U.S. abstention. Although this is as troubling to me as it is to you and apparently to the Jewish World, I’m not sure if the U.S. would be the hypocrite by continuing to support this action by Israel. You hit the nail on the head when you say the Bibi plays one hand against the other, then blasts forward when the hand he doesn’t like comes up. As a Jew who cares deeply about the Jewish People and Israel, I know something has to give if peace is EVER to be made. It doesn’t appear that it will ever happen under Bibi. He blasted the Iran agreement, he blasted President Obama. In one way, he appears to be a lot like Trump in firing away and going awry when spoken about and challenged. He just doesn’t do it on Twitter. Yep, I was also surprised at the abstention and obviously have no idea if it was basically in response to the previous comments by both Bibi and Trump before the vote or something he truly believes in. I hope it was the latter and now the situation rests with the 2 thugs leading 2 nations travelling very, very tough terrain. Be well my dear Rabbi and travel safe. We’ll need you back in Sunny Florida.


Hi Rabbi - remember me? Has our left-leaning-current President totally swallowed the Lemonade being served by J-Street? Is he anti-Zionist? anti-Semitic? anti-Bibi? I will now read your blog & find out for myself.

A.R. Wald

On this whole Israel issue, people are forgetting traditional law that if you attack a country and they push you back and you lose territory, then it is no longer yours. There has to be a penalty for unsuccessful aggression.

The Syrians gambled with aggression and lost the Golan Heights. To return it them would be folly as it is a natural high ground that would quickly be used to attack Israel if only by rolling boulders off the cliff !!! As in Las Vegas, no do-overs

​Maybe the UN and the world should focus on the fact that when a Palestinian attacks and harms or kills an Israeli, they are celebrated. When an Israeli illegally harms or attacks a Palestinian they are punished by the Israeli state. No one can take a Palestine state or authority seriously if they can't discipline their own people

KFS to Charles Setty

It would seem that you put together your critique without first reading - let alone understanding - what I wrote.

Charles Setty

No matter how the liberal bones in your body try, you can't put lipstick on this pig--Jews from the Euro pale, not knowing the duplicitous character of Muslims, specifically Mid East, and North African, can't possibly understand that a bargain made today is tomorrow's folly. They like you today, and then are turned against you by Imam's tearing Koranic themes upside down into a treacherous bag of unctuous epithets. We are not at the point in the secular trend of history, where Muslims are ready to accept Jews living side by side. It disappeared in 1492 Spain, and since then Mizrahi Jews have mostly lived at the pleasure of their Muslim governments, which treated Jews badly. Palestinians had openings before and killed the opportunity. Jews left Gaza, and a small economy upon which to build something. It was destroyed, and as an extra bonus Israel got artillery shells lobbed at them. There is danger to Jews and Israel in what you say and promote.

The world is itching to give Israel a bloody nose, and comments like yours, allowing for defense of Obama's move allows for the miscreants to rise up. Jewish and Israeli prejudice lies just a little below the surface, and as stated by France's Daniel Bernard, president Chirac's closest confidant "that shitty little country Israel" is the cause of our problems. Obama threw fuel on that fire.

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