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November 21, 2016


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Barbara L.

Definitely agree with your sentiments. Time to look forward, listen to others & try to think out of
our exclusive box . We were soooo smug & sure of ourselves ....

Ed Panschar

What Bernie and Trump had in common were promises that were unattainable: 25 million new jobs, free college education, repeal of ObamaCare's high health premiums without any other negative factors. A large number of people bought into these messages without giving them any serious thought. That is a reflection of an undereducated population. The Republicans have nurtured anti-Washington attitudes for decades now, combined with paying attention at the local level so that they now completely control 2/3 of the state governments. Couple that with gerrymandering and conservative Supreme Court selections in the years ahead and I don't see much hope for the Dems.


Anger and frustration s not healthy for you--what the new party needs is someone who is free of taint and privilege, one who possesses a unique economic plan for the future, and is able to formulate a vision to expand opportunities in a world, where even the Chinese are losing ground, and face the possibility of social strife brought on by meager economics, one who is proud of their country, and unlike Obama sees no need to apologize for America, one with dynamism, who makes us feel good, and finally one with a plan to make us secure in a world of multi-national crazy nuclear powers and suicide bombers. I have not seen such a leader as yet, in this multi polarized country of ours; however, out of the ashes


OK...we have less then 1419 days to chose a leader for this re-party. Any suggestions?

Judith L.

We need TRUE leaders (with a little charisma)with GOOD MESSAGING!! ( expose Trumps frauds to his voters and to the country) Remind his followers not only did he not "drain the swamp" he dug into the swamp!)Trump is NOT THE POPULIST he claimed to be!! Talk to the ignorant among us. I am not optimistic.

KFS to  Howard

Glad to see that the election outcome has given a boost to the Animal Planet. Me too, although I also derive a secret pleasure in watching reruns of "The Lone Ranger" and "Roy Rogers."
So long as people continue to think, dream and organize, there will be a future . . . for both us and and the animals.


My gratitude to your thoughts, to your analytic way of understanding our reality.

Howard R.

I’m just getting over the Debacle. I only watched the animal channel for the past two weeks. However, your weekly column struck a chord with me and awoke me a bit from my stupor. To power from the Republicans of 94 and I think Woodrow Wilson, we need to have a new Convenant for America. A list of about 10 principles that we as “Democrats’ stand for. I’m not sure what we should include but perhaps we can start with

1- Free Public Education (Pre-K through Community College at first and eventually through graduate school.)
2- Fair trade that protects workers and increases opportunities of both nations involved

Have a happy bird day. I’ll now return to the previous programing - what a cute kitten.

Jay Kerzner

Hi Kurt
Thanks for your insights. I agree with most of what you said. I was a little confused by your last point, about "creating a new second party", but I think the issue is mostly semantic.I certainly agree with the fact that the democratic party and its candidates have to appeal to its historically broad constituency which
has always comprised the working class of all ethnicities.I think the problem in this presidential election was both the message and the messenger. Hillary by her own actions, and those of others, was a flawed (although well qualified) candidate who gave too many people a reason either not to vote or vote for a terrible alternative. I think many of those people are seeing that "you reap what you sow"
Thanks and have a happy Thanksgiving
Jay Kerzner

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