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November 13, 2016


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K.F. Stone to Elliot

So start "counting the ways" - I'm always ready and willing to learn something new.


How many things in your literary fantasy that I disagree with, let me count the ways.

Evan Frankel

I was cruising in those straits last year, and had no idea there were monsters lurking beneath the seas. Neither did the Germans in the 30's and many other civilized nations before and after. I do not care to even guess what the implications of this moment in history might mean, but vigilance and steadfastness will be needed by those opposed to intolerance, bigotry and lies.


Perhaps you should think of your heroes Hillary and Bill in terms Icarus, as I wrote you many times before they danced on the deck of the Titanic too long, and finally met their fate--but maybe think of Hillary as the female Perses God of destruction, as will be Liz Warren the angry,( LYSSA) in Greek mythology, whose socialistic policies will first unite democrats then destroy America. Take a lesson from the Venezuelans, and keep a store of toilet tissue, and baked beans in your basement just incase.


Thanks for the lesson.

Still have a feeling of gloom that I cannot shake.


Good article Professor. My hope is he'll act like a president rather than the candidate Trump. Although I'm afraid he has the intellectual depth and empathy of a gnat based on his tweets since November 8.


Anti defamation FINALLY waking up. Too late...she lost because of VOTER SUPPRESSION...besides all the obstacles the Republicans started long ago (Benghazi...emails...etc.) If the MEDIA was not corrupted we may have had a chance but, the SUPPRESSION is the BIG reason. Sorry, Rabbi...we are doomed ...::LOVE U

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