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November 27, 2016


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Your knowledge of theater and politics are well blended in this GREAT essay.....A plus. Hope you had a tasty and fun Thanksgiving.

Richard Cohen

Thanks always for your insightful commentary. Being scared can be a good thing at times. It makes us stronger. Because not enough sane people were scared during the insane 17 months long campaign or while standing in the voting booth, we have elected an emperor without clothes or.........a clue on how to govern. Trump's "draining the swamp" will just allow his suggested appointees to lie in the "muck" that remains. The "do nothing" republican congress & senate will have its hands full trying to control the "know nothing" Trump White House and his ill prepared cabinet. Please keep your thoughtful comments coming. They might be our only solace over the next 4 years.

Alan R. Wald

The title should have been AMATEUR HOUR - Where is Ted Mack now that we really need him?


You are off to a good start--I can see that you will have a lot of wood for your fire--you could have at least waited until after inauguration; however, we'll have some fun, as Trump also liked "the Good the bad and the ugly", and in the Obama administration, there was only the bad and the ugly. Trump couldn't do worse in the Middle East, look how Mr. Ugly is leaving it, race relations are terrific, considering we have had a president of color, who could have done better. Perhaps the bad is how awful the Obama administration was, to have ushered in an egotist such as Trump, and lost the Democratic party 900 legislative seats, and leaves that party in shambles, with challenges to Pelosi, and directionless policy. Poor Bernie, a man cheated by Hillary, another winner, who was helped by another woman of honor Donna Brazille, who succeeded another shady character, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yup, the Democratic elite has a lot to be proud of, and a lot to show for it, and by the way, I pray you do not advocate sheltering illegals who have committed crimes in this, or any other country.

People in glass houses-------------Chuck

KFS to Rodi

Thanks for placing a comment on my most recent blog. Comments - both in agreement and otherwise - are always appreciated.
You wrote that my "negative comments" do not make my readers feel any better but "scares them." I have long found that sometimes it's fear which keeps us from running out into traffic or knowingly playing with loaded pistols. The administration-to-be is beyond frightening; I stand by my comments, and hope I may stimulate even more people to go to work to hamstring President Trump before he turns the U.S.A. into just another subsidiary of his international business concern.
Generally, when I want to make people feel better, I give a sermon in shul.

Rodi Glass

I feel that your negative comments do not help your readers feel any better but scares them. we are in a situation that cannot be changed. So let us be optimistic and hope for the best. Please stop frightening your readers. It does not help you or us.

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