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November 08, 2016


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Alan Weiss

Unexpected eight hours since your twelve hours ended. Oh my!

KFS to Chuck

And I should have expected you to leave yourself no choice but to be miserable about either one being elected . . .

Enjoy the cooler days here in South Florida . . . both politically and climatologically.


I should have expected you to rejoice upon the inauguration of a woman more deserving and honorable, than someone as dishonest and willing to feed at the trough of greed and sleaze--yeah I know politics are politics, and she played the game better than Trump, and will be able to use those skills in the game of chess against the Russians and Chinese, and succeed where Obama has horribly failed. You know Mr. Smith, and Hillary in no way can be compared to Mr. Smith


Keep the good stuff coming. Some very strange other-worldly last one year in politics, huh?


I pray to G-d we don't have rioting tomorrow.
I've said this before.....I wouldn't want to be her for all the money in the world!

Mark Gendal

Great piece.
I am a little more optimistic. I believe that the smart Republicans are going to realize that opposition to fundamental tenets like pro-choice, and gun control, will never get them more than 50% of the vote. I think Hillary can bring them to the center for their own good. If they start working together, the image of the Republicans as the party of no can fade, and smart "gentlemen and gentlewoman" can again lead the party.
There is a chance although small that this election is actually the best thing for all of us. I too learned, from all the extreme rhetoric from the right, that my left wing dreamer philosophy can sound preachy, that I don't hold the absolute truth. I am much more willing to come to the center than ever before. Please read Yearnings by Rabbi Irwin Kula, some of my thoughts come from there. Regards to all. I still consider you one of my Rabbis!! Mark Gendal

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