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October 30, 2016


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Hi Dr. Stone,

Enjoyed reading your Weekly! It's good to see how politics can do good for our country and the world.


My gratitude to you for the article!

Don Edlin

Rabbi Kurt - you just destroyed the business concept that I was about to peddle to Shark Tank Billionaires - A world wide chain of restaurants serving the finest Pagodroma nivea Sushi !

"Always Chilled - never Frozen !"

Now I have to return to my search for another unique concept.

Bah !

Shoshanna Ehrlich

What great news! It felt good to read about something so positive.

Paul Jacobson (Board)

Ah, thank you for this breath of fresh Antarctic air. (as an addict listens in the background to the endless grinding of MSNBC (agh!)

Riki Stone Posard

One of my fondest memories was at Busch Gardens at the Van Nuys brewery back in the early 80's...penguins roller skating...what a sight!!


Following Comey's actions last week, many democrats wish they could have taken the time to go to Patagonia and be with the penguins, rather than be embroiled in the controversy here at home.

Alan Weiss

I can't even exercise stewardship over myself!

Jessica S.

Thank you. I needed this and I shared it with friends

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