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October 06, 2016


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Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

'Back to reading and checking your column. Looking
forward to reading your next column on Trump who
some say is in meltdown. Sniff Sniff.
Good of you to remind your readers to say prayers for
people on the East coast given Mathew.
'Am relieved friends & family in FL, because
of where they live, are ok given the hurricane.
-Also, so happy to learn you met my dear
and long time friend, Bob, who totally enjoyed
your presentation.
Finally, well remember reading your
column ages ago, when you pointed out
similarities between Trump & Mussolini even
with facial gestures, i.e. that pout.
Thank you again for all you do.

Alan Weiss

My dear Mom, she should rest in peace, was a survivor from what she called the “tzuris”. She lived here in Florida for the last 40 years of her life and when a threat of a hurricane came along she would say, “Don’t worry, too many of us (the survivors) live here and we’ll be protected. When Wilma did hit us she was already too out of it to even know what was happening. She stayed in her condo with her aide and buildings all around her were badly damaged. Guess what! Her building was untouched.

She must have been watching and saying see, I was right again. Thanks Mom.

Norma A. Orovitz

While we in South Florida are grateful for whatever grace steered Matthew away from our beach communities, we know how truly fragile life can be...just look at those poor folks (poor as in both meanings) in Haiti. Let our gratitude be matched by some demonstration of support as they attempt to recover and rebuild their homes and lives. May the coming year be a good one...G'mar tov!

Alan R. Wald

Surprised you did not reference Key Largo the movie (my Uncle Jerry produced it)

KFS to Christiane

Thanks for your kind words as good wishes. We really dodged a bullet. Some high winds, a few fallen and scattered palm fronds and a steady downpour. Otherwise, as the headline in this morning’s paper goes, “MATH-WHEW!”
Nonetheless, we continue praying and reaching out to all those further up the coast who are getting hit far harder. The forces of nature are both awesome and treacherous, and leaves us feeling so infinitesimally tiny . . .
Be good to yourself.


Dear Rabbi Stone,

My prayer is for you and all my friends in Florida, but especially for you who has given so much comfort during the years we spent in Florida.

Thank you and God bless.


Professor for a Democrat, you are so romantic--ah yes--"the Germans wore gray, you wore blue" we'll always have Paris--my favorite movie of all time. Indeed you have captured the essence of these minutes, moments, waiting for Mathew to arrive, as the Germans did in June of 1940. Having a beachfront condo, and being in New York watching, helplessly, I enjoy the same feeling. I wish you well, and stay safe my friend

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