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September 24, 2016


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Riki Stone Posard

Well...the 1st Debate is now history as they say. Hillary's silence while letting Trump dig a hole for himself spoke volumes!

Alan Weiss

I must say that I am ready for this debate. I have been patiently waiting. It should be quite a show.

KFS to Chuck

Chuck: If you're going to blame President Obama for every shooting, every massacre, all the divisiveness, are you also going to give him credit for your portfolio having done so well over the past 8 years? As a member of the 1%, you've done amazingly well . . .
One more thing: for a man as worldly, well-educated, successful and literate as you are (far, far more so than your humble scribe), how can you state or truly believe that Donald Trump "couldn't be any worse" than Barack Obama? Putting aside the bluster, the psychopathy and narcissism of the man you're voting for, I shudder to think of him representing my country at international conferences, at the United Nations, or at closed-door negotiations.
All he's geared to do is make the best deal for himself . . .


to me

I don't know how much worse Trump could be in foreign policy than Obama, the latter having been outsmarted by Russia, China, Iran. Just in the last few weeks the willingness to trust Russia and Assad in a Syria cease fire--what a joke. The mess in the Middle East could not have been worse under Trump. Domestic terrorism on the rise, as well as lone wolf attacks, and oh yes race relations have improved markedly under this president of color, for whom I had such high hopes.

The question you might ask is how many closet Trump supporters are there who won't tell you, or are ashamed to say they are voting for Trump, that don't care a penny's' worth as to what is the capital of Australia. Tomorrow will be the super bowl of debates, and yes I would love to see the lineup of all of slick Willie's mistresses, and Hillary's foreign Clinton Foundation donors sitting next to Mark Cuban, in the front row.

A. Blake

Love it and we’ll see what happens. The last time I crammed was when I was at the University of Miami in Statistics ( 1963) ( 4 credit course) and I aced it. So hopefully our sweetheart HC can ace it also.

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