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September 18, 2016


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As a "first generation" American, I wholeheartedly agree.

Chuck S.

I agree, however, with qualifications--that is immigrants from Middle Eastern, North African and Sub Sahara countries, conflict countries, be given extra and specific vetting--no problem with Latinos and others. I have gone into the explanations as to why in the past, so I won't bore you as to why; however, it is the "Passover" question, as to why these people are different from all other people, and why these times are different from all other times

Alan Weiss

Thank you.

Scott C.

Nice! Can I use a paragraph or two with my advanced classes?

I teach with Anna at Broward-RENEW and also at Lingua. At Lingua I have some advanced students who would appreciate your writings

Judi 954

I regret to inform you that the "American" public are IDIOTS who will help bring our country back to Germany in the 1930's and we will all suffer dearly.

KFS to Donald Edlin

"Sharia" is to Islam what "halacha" is to Judaism: religious law. While most follow a benign, universalistic version of their holy writ, there are those who find in it a permission slip to be intolerant, exclusivist and even violent. Just try being a modern woman walking down a street in Mea Sh'arim or certain parts of Paris, Brooklyn or Buenos Aires; there is a good chance that the "haridim" will pelt you with stones . . . neither a great expression of welcome nor inclusiveness.

And while you are not likely not "anti-Muslim" and have some great Muslim friends, the challenge, you certainly know is the insanity of the very few, not the humanity of the very many. What are we to do about it? Elect Donald Trump who promises to "bomb the sh*t out of ISIS?" Who says he "knows more about ISIS than the generals?" Where is his plan? How can he expect to get the international Muslim community to join a coalition when he has pretty much consigned every one of them to history's trash compactor?

Donald: you've proven to me time and again over the years that you are smarter, more experienced, worldly and vastly more learned that I. OK, I accept that. So tell me: what is your plan?
Best regards to you and Nan, for whom I pray every day . . . which, by the way, is a salient part of "halacha."

Don Edlin

While it is true that the key to increasing GDP and solving the economy is bringing more people to live in our glorious country. They will buy the necessities - food, clothing, medicines, cars, bikes,toys, toilet paper, etc., etc. - and they will work diligently to earn a good living to support their families.

Those arriving from the Caribbean, for example, have experienced to some degree the tenets of our "Western Civilization". And they are ready and willing to . . ."make an oath that it is their bona fide intention to become a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and to renounce and abjure forever all allegiances and fidelity to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

However, that cannot be said of those arriving from many of the Islamic countries. They believe in Sharia, and the belief in Sharia cannot co-exist with the precepts of our Constitution. Almost every mosque, here as well as everywhere else, has a Madrasa. And every Madrasa has a library filled with text books that are filled with distinctly anti-western, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-every other religion. They have no tolerance for, or respect for all other religions.

Are all muslims anti every thing American? Certainly not.

Am I anti-Muslim? Certainly not. In fact, relating to my Judeo-Christian up-bringing, one of my best, and dearest friends is a Shia and he & his wife lived with us for 5 months during the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma 11 years ago when his home was un-fit to live in. He is a naturalized US citizen and he describes himself as an "American". (not a Syrian-American)

There are "No-Go" zones in Dearborn, Michigan. And there are "No-Go" zones in London, Brussels, Paris, and now in Berlin as well.

"No-Go" zones throughout the EU harbor many of those who are a drain on those societies. There is a major change in those cities that has increased the entitlements and caused an uproar. The local governments have developed programs to find jobs for the new immigrants but the islamic immigrants claim the jobs don't pay enough. They prefer staying on the welfare program.

And, btw, all you have to do is insert "Many" in front of your 8 myths, and they wouldn't be "myths any more.

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