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August 22, 2016


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It was quite an interesting piece you shared with us, and obviously some very needed advice.

Even I, who consider myself a fairly intelligent and kind person, have been getting hot under the collar about political issues, and I am not usually interested in the political games. As we get older, though, certain things become more important to us. Our country and who runs it is utmost in our minds. But, I digress. I just want to thank you for your wonderful article and, as always, your special perspective and insight.

Grace Fishenfeld

Having an interview with our brains come when we are in touch with meaningful thinking. Of course people who are interested only in themselves, place their brain on vacation. The WORKING BRAIN engages in ideas that will improve conditions for the whole of society. Then we can vote and work for people whose ideas make life better for all of us who believe in our democracy.

We still have leaders who think of others and those are the people we hope to support and vote for.

Barbara Rovin

Hello Rabbi Stone from Boca Raton and lifelong Learning. I would like to make a simple comment about the woman who was upset about her friends being against who she was going vote for.

First comment is that when she said she was in the REAL-ESTATE BUSINESS it was obvious she was voting her pocketbook.

If I leaned anything from taking classes at FAU for 25 years is that if you have an emotional belief about any subject I could be ALBERT EINSTEIN,OR ANY EXPERT IN THE FIELD YOU WERE SPEAKING ABOUT AND I COULDN'T CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Alan Weiss

I am so glad that you had some time to shut off what I call, "the noise of the world." I try to get my family to do it; not too successful. The "Bent Neck Generation" (another one of mine) would have a hard time existing there. Let's hope you can retreat again before Halley's Comet shows up at its appointed time.

Eleanor kolchin

You are almost wonderful speaker and writer!!

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