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August 07, 2016


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Alan Weiss

We could use a little help from above. This is not good.

Don Edlin

My dear Rabbi Kurt - This very clinical exposé is beyond commendable, and should be published nationally.

There is an easy analogy to Adolf meeting with Neville in 38 and his naivety.

You have clearly established that the entire world has become the ISIS target. And the "world" has refused to coalesce into taking on the ISIS threat.

There comes a time that the US must become the Leader of the Free World and stop the "Death by a thousand cuts!"

Unfortunately, we have an administration that has never even acknowledged the existence of "Radical Islamist Terrorism".

Therefore the Obama administration has never formulated a strategy to deal with the world wide threat of the Radical Islamist Terrorist entity known as ISIS.

When will our President wake up, name the "threat", and become the Leader we thought we had elected, not once but, twice?


This must have been quite an ambitious project, and I'm happy that you have finally decided to focus on the real "elephant" in the room. Isis presents the real challenge to the world, and the current administration , although bombing them out of their strongholds recently, has not sufficiently focused on the issue. They were late in recognizing the true threat of Isis (the Kobe Bryant uniform JV team), I warned you of the threat which would become major 2 1/2 years ago.

I told you then, that it would be a "whack a mole" situation, that the group would metastasize, in all Muslim countries, and become a threat to the west for decades to come. Obama's foreign policy, has been inadequate, not serious enough or focused. In fact we may need boots on the ground, first our allies Saudis', Jordanian, Egyptian Emirates etc. to clean out Raqqa and Mosul, and the rest of Syria, Iraq and Libya,the latter which was a Clinton/Obama mistake. We must stop their finances, their arms suppliers and sources of revenue. FINALLY, WE MUST DEFEAT THEIR FILTHY IDEOLOGY ON SOCIAL MEDIA---the administration has been woefully inadequate in that respect. Much more, but I have miles to go before I sleep. Again a very worthy effort on your part--I only wish you devoted more attention to the problem a couple of years ago, with your mighty pen.

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