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July 04, 2016


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Really enjoyed this, Kurt.


Congrats on an excellent diatribe, it must have taken you some time; however you surely jest in some of your lines. The one that sticks out, and could have been written by one of Trump's ill fated advisors He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual;

I think of no one first other than Hillary, and her now delirious husband

I can go through the rest of your amusing and enjoyable read, but let's stay friends--I hope this fourth finds you better--I know you remain alert and feisty.

David Singer

This is great stuff!Kurt. The Adams – Jefferson relationship is fascinating historical stuff. They died on the same day, hours apart. Of course as you know, that was July 4.

KFS to Judi

It's a great question you ask . . . as to why they decided to charge Sec. Clinton with being "untrustworthy" when there are so many pols who are far more deserving of the term. I guess its because they couldn't charge her with being inexperienced or play the "she's just a woman" card. Then too, they aren't going to get any additional voters to switch over by continuing to bring up Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster or all the other conspiracies of the past century. To me, this shows the paucity of their vision and the underlying cynicism of their conviction . . .
Be good to yourself


Brilliant as usual. I want to know why Hillary is singled out for being "untrustworthy"? Kindly explain how they chose her over all the TRUSTWORTHY??? politicians in the country? Certainly, her surrogates should be able to address that. Happy 4th...with love Judi

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