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April 17, 2016


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Shoshanna Ehrlich

Star Trek always got it right.

Your Pal Al

Wow. What a great blog. The National Brotherhood Week by Tom Lehrer was one of my most favorite tunes during those days. So great to remember the past that I can remember. Here’s to my Brotherhood Rabbi Bud.

Alan Weiss

It seems it never ends..... My poor kishkes!

Judi L.

Certainly, I do not believe Democrats are "right" and Republicans are "wrong" but on the whole it is more true than not. Republicans want to HURT all those who do not believe in their BIBLE or their idea that they should keep making the rich richer. They have no HEART and corruption is their mantra if it means winning. I do know their are corrupt Democrats but not as many as the entire OTHER party. Makes me sick to my stomach. I really hope Hillary ( and I know she is not perfect) has finally gotten a good PR coalition together and good opposition research team

Warren Weinstein

How many years until:

"In consequence of this primary mutual hostility of human beings, civilized society is perpetually threatened with disintegration."

200,500 or 300 years?

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