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March 04, 2016


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Trump's crown is very "white"...no diversity....first it will be the Mexican's, then the Muslims and who knows, next the Jews?


Just managed to finally open it! Wasn't easy. What else did you expect with a brain and a heart? Hillary Clinton!

The other person, an idiot, has no brain, no cooth, nothing to offer, but a big mouth, no brain, and more money than he deserves.

PS - Keep up the good work. Read your column every week.

Alan Weiss

No words necessary!

Randall Church

No signage in the "Trump Picture" suggesting that Photoshop was instrumental in its creation.

Also, very dull-looking crowd which is inconsistent with what we've heard. I haven't seen a more despondent grou since I was inducted into the
army 60+ years ago

Pal Al

Sure…easy….His pix size is about 3 ½ X 5 and her pix is about 3 ¼ X 5 – I’m sure that’s what you meant and oh yeah, also the people are oh so different.

Norma A. Orovitz

Trump's monochromatic folks don't seem all that happy or engaged; Hillary's variegated crowd, more representative of the global American village, seem more animated and participatory.

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