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October 18, 2015


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Alan Weiss

Thank you for your clarity.

Carole Becker

Very good. This is exactly what we talked about in class.

Boy, we sure are political junkies.

You know that I adore coming to your class and I will do practically anything to get there, barring unforeseen circumstances.



Sanders--policies can't be paid for--he never held a job outside government, so how can he feel for the businessman, and think about a budget. He's too old at 75, despite his recognized vigor on the road, and every 75 year old yearns for a 4 pm nap. Capitalism, not socialism--I want my grandchildren to have the same incentive to excell, and try to be special, and yes be exceptional. That is somewhat reduced under Bernie, and that unfortunate copycat, emulating Hillary. Who can move to the left fastest???????????

Hillary's laugh, may not be as sincere as you think--she was handed easy passes by Bernie and the jackass Republican Bengazi comment.

You have taken license with the Republican group, by defining them all by the stupid antics of Trump, which is beneath your integrity--you wouldn't have defined the Democrats by Clinton's interlude with Monica.

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