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September 28, 2015


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Fully agree with you, as long as new legislation doesn't get in the way of incentives to do research--what other countries produce life saving/extending drugs as we do--the incentive for many discoveries is the monetary reward, and/ or the industry recognition from peers--hope it stays that way. I'm ok with the occasional correctable greed, if it produces the discoveries American scientists have made.


OMG!!!!!I've been complaining about that for years. It's big pharma that controls the FDA and our healthcare system especially Medicare.

Alan Weiss

When Medicare was born, part of the deal was for the government to stay out of drug pricing.
It tipped the scales to the drug companies and they never tipped back.
Hi Monty

Carole Becker

I'm forwarding this to my acupuncturist. We have been working (adjunctl) with my immunology and antibody doctors with their full approval. His name is Robert Gaston, by the way, ath the Qan Yin Medical Center in Miami Shores. He is Harvard Educated, speaks dozens of languages, became a scientist, physicist, many other things and then went to study in China. He also sang with the Boston Pops and has helped me in many concrete ways. I had been to him 15 years ago.

It doesn't matter which acupuncturist you chose, but try one and avoid these costly, dangerous drugs.

By the way, I like your new picture.


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