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September 15, 2015


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KFS to Irving

Actually Irving, Barack Obama had been an Illinois State Senator for nearly 8 years and a United States Senator for 2 prior to running for POTUS.

While certainly not the longest political career in the world, it was far more than Carson, Trump or Fiorina.


Kurt: as a response to your 2nd query, Obama had No experience in politics.


The Tea Party Republicans have adapted Goebbels' line. Tell lies, continue to repeat the over and over, and the fools in the nation will believe them.


I don't know answers to your questions either, although I know it was rhetorical, but my husband believes it is due to the dumbing down of Americans. Also, people just cannot look ahead; maybe they do not have the intelligence, maybe also prejudice plays a hand in this concerning Obama. I refer to their dislike of African Americans. I recently spoke with an Israeli man, whom I always thought was an unassuming gentle man. He may be, but he still believes Obama is an Muslim. That is just plain ignorance. Anyhu, I don't know enough about politics, but at least my mind is open, and isn't curiosity a sign of some intelligence anyways?


Good blog, but very depressing this time.

Mary Lou

Thanks again for a very discerning column. Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year, 5776. Yes, I will be sending this to many of my friends on both sides of the aisle.

As a student of yours at FIU, I was there when your latest book was published re: "Jews of Capitol Hill" and I gave it as a gift to my grandson. It must have influenced Nathan, as he is supporting Bernie Sanders and moved to Oregon for a career in Elec. Engineering. There is much hope for the future. He was raised by a very conservative dad in St. Louis. All of his cousins in MO. echo this type of right wing political thinking(???). Miracles happen.

Keep on writing and teaching,

Mary Lou

Elaine K.

Your column today should have been sent to two women whom my husband and I had dinner with tonight at our retirement home in Boca.

Two older Jewish women, think that Donald Trump is the best thing since chopped liver.

We sat silently as they ranted on. Totally unbelievable! Your column reassured me that I still am thinking in the right direction, and that there is still hope for the world.

Thanks for the reassurance, that we are not all alike.

A former student of yours at FAU!


Interesting commentary. This past week, the country rightly so, recalled the 2,977 victims of 9/11 throughout the land. However almost the name number of victims die each and every month from guns. Yet you know the rest of the story. Mad, isn't it!

Barbara R.Liebmann

All things are different but remain the same..... I was a subway rider college student in the 60's. My political science instructor asked - what is the most popular paper the strap hangers read???? hands down the Daily News was the winner. Although the political parties where not contentious as today, the paper's editorial was pro business & diffentlly not for the worker!!!! Why then was it the most popular paper????? People are misguided & don't vote for their own interests.....Never made sense nor will it....

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