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July 12, 2015


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Mildred Hammer

The amount of free publicity he gets on all the channels is
disgraceful. He constantly praises himself as a self-made man,and that he is so wealthy.Well,he accumulated wealth on the backs of others, when he declared bankruptcy
rather than pay his business debts.

Riki Stone Posard (YSOS)

He is all-too-self-important, a figment of his own imagination, a bully, and a blow-hard to boot! As I was eating my breakfast while reading your *spot on* blog, it was a miracle that I didn't choke! I really wish he would just go far away and disappear completely.

Alan Weiss

I will not even comment. I've disliked him for
too many years.

Richard Cohen

Kurt, I agree with all you have stated about Mr. Combover. He seems to be driving the GOP clown car at the moment but he will crash & burn soon enough. Truth be told, I am looking forward to the first debate just to watch him make an a__ of himself & fools of the other fools on stage.

Your Pal Al

NO,NO, please my dear Rabbi…..The Fraud is just beginning and we need some levity no matter how sick he is. I couldn’t agree more with you with his hatred and self-absorption but he’s certainly here for a while and we must keep him in our sights. You and Carl Hiaasen ( see today’s Miami Herald’s Issues and Ideas) must be on the same brain wave. Let’s continue to show everyone, who and what he is. Hiaasen mentioned some additional facts on Trump that make him even more disgusting, obnoxious, gut-wrenching and sick BUT….. Great article by you my pal and hopefully

KFS to Barbara

Actually, it was my wife, Anna, who reminded me that Ivana gave him the nickname . . . She, and not I, deserves the plaudit.


I will hold you to your word!!!! The attention he is getting is positively nauseating !!! I think we are probably among the very few that remember Ivana was the one who branded him!!!

Alan Wald

I love "trumpery!"

Next time you can use "legend-in-his-own-lunch time"

Do you remember the windup jokes?
Windup The Donald and he takes a dump !!

KFS to Dave Weider

Dave: I agree that the rest of the Republican clown car needs to be taken out to the wood shed for their cowardly lack of response to Trump's lunacy. They are the kind of politicians who won't respond to the question "How are you today?" without first talking with their pollsters . . .

Ron Rosenberg

Great article and so true.


Excellent Kurt

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