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June 14, 2015


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Alan Weiss

Selfish chap!


Thank you for your insightful essays. Looking forward to your winter lectures when I return next winter.


Just amazing how many self entered, ridiculous people fall prey to this depraved lunacy& they all have a right to vote.......


to me

Good Morning Professor,

Good to be back in the US.--

Why do you only attack those on the right?

What say you about the African American congress women from the south?

She is a Democrat and a hater of Isreal and full blown supporter of Gaza.

Your pathetic concept that all Rebublicans are evil and Democrats

are "for the folks" is a mirage.

Your massive bias makes you a flawed educator. -You can get away with

your narrow-mindedness by teaching a bunch of students who would not dare

confront an educator like yorself, for fear of of a poor grade.

Also your fellow teachers are of the same ilk.

---Interesting data--History Prof's vote over 90% Democrat.

Quite different from the math and science department.

Try harder to accept that there are American politician's who

differ from your views, who could be good for America.

You are classic example of loyalty to a party trumps intellect.

Both have good and bad. And both have great patriots.


PS-Your mortal enemies the Koch brothers are great friends of Isreal.

That they are Republicans should not alow you to join Sen Reed in

ostracizeing them. Be true to your heritage and divorce yourself from

a party that has dramatically changed or at least stop the bashing on

the party that stands more for Isreal.


PS-Pres FDR(Dem) against the wishes of Eleanor put a fascist in charge of Visa's

when the Nazi's were killing Jews in Germany. Instructions were to keep it down.

The right piece of paper would have saved thousands of Jews.

There is a strong possibilty your parents weeped when he died.


Of course you would choose to comment on obscure "foolhardy", on a week when Hillary, in her" launch", wants to take apart Wall Street, when she herself has accepted donations from those very people, and when she painted herself in virtuosity, when her husband has received millions from questionable characters, when she and her husband have received OUTSIZED speaking fees. This former secretary of state spent less than 4% of her speech on foreign policy, at a time when the world is, and will be threatened by hostiles. I was wondering myself, "HOW IN THE HELL" does she get away with this, and why do only 55% of the population think she is not truthful

Pal Al

Wonders will never cease!!!!!!!!! He’s got a fertile mind all right, fertile like a cow field!!!

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