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March 10, 2015


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KFS to Barbara

Hi Barbara It would seem that the idea of charging the "Fatuous Forty-Seven" with violation of the Logan Act seems to have caught on. They must be feeling rather smug and vindicated now that Iran is questioning the value of reaching some sort of agreement -- let alone a framework for any future agreement. Ah, what absolute fools these maniacs be! And to think that even NPR ran a piece on Senator Cotton -- the newest "boy wonder" of the GOP. He is so unbelievably conservative that he voted against both the Farm Bill and aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy ("Why should people in Arkansas worry about people in New York and New Jersey, let alone send them money?")

Despite all this, I would say that there are two changes of anything being done to these guys: absolutely none and less than that.

Barbara  Tzetzo Gosch

Although late, so happy I read your column. You inspire as ever. I did sign the petition, and I hope your phone has been ringing off the wall.

KFS to Judi

Simply stated, there is no other president in all American history who has suffered "as much humiliation as President Obama." Then again, we've never before had an African American president. Think there's a causal connection? Duh . . .


You are so smart! Hundreds of thousands of people are signing petitions with respect to violation of the Logan Act (which I never heard of until I read your essay.


Doc Logan is an outstanding piece of work but how do I forward it?

Richard Cohen

Your references to the letter to Iranian officials over the 47 signatures of GOP senators is right on target. The Supreme Court's 1936 decision re:the president is the only one, except his designee, Secretary of State to negotiate foreign policy puts those 47 senators in violation of settled law. As yesterday's New York Daily News's front page accurately screamed TRAITORS, these 47 should be brought to trial immediately. Amazingly, these senators, who are supposedly representing our citizenry are clueless about their constitutional responsibilities. It also proves that the U.S. voting public is also an ill informed populace that is responsible for electing these ultra extreme ideologues. These GOP extremists not only openly show their hatred for president Obama, but denigrate the Office of the President. If the Democrats tried this, the GOP outcry would be ear splitting with hundreds of congressional hearings, name calling and outrage. Where is the democrats outrage?


These essays are so well done. Thanks!

Alan Weiss

"An act of unmitigated chutzpah". Indeed, indeed.

I'll be staring at the phone too! What were they thinking?


Your weekly message was masterly written and I agree with everything you wrote. How could they do such a thing??

As a senior citizen, with no political connections, just a growing anger at the Republicans, what can I do? Is there anyone I can write to, call or what?

Perhaps, as a former student of yours at FAU LLS, And, a constant reader of your columns, .this gave me the thought to express my distaste for the Republican Party and those who will do anything they can to destroy our President.

Thanks for listening. Any suggestions, would be appreciated.


Sickening!! Republicans (see meeting with defense business's) and Netanyahu was WAR!!! Let us hope the Dems can get that message out. In our history has any President have t o suffer as much humiliation as President obama??

KFS to David W

If my reading and understanding of the Logan Act is correct -- and I believe it is -- neither Boehner (in the case of his invitation to Bibi) nor the 47 Republican Senators can be considered anything but "private citizens." In fact, according to both the original act and Mr. Justice Sutherland's decision, when it comes to the Logan Act and the hands-on practice of foreign policy, there is only the president; anyone else involving themselves -- unless it be the Secretary of State or someone specifically designated by POTUS to do so -- is liable to be found in violation of the act.

Your comment that " . . . the Senators are just motivated by racism and hatred of Obama and are more or less frustrated by being unable to talk about a "failed economy" merits the response "rem acu tetigisti" -- roughly, "you've hit the nail on the head."

David W

The defense would say that they are not private citizens, but our US government officials. Interesting. Legally it is not a strong defense because I think you are correct about the Logan act. unfortunately with the present Supreme Court.....Oi Vey.

I think the Senators are just motivated by racism and hatred of Obama and are more or less frustrated by being unable to talk about a "failed economy"

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