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March 09, 2015


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Alan Weiss

Does one grain of sand on the beach mean anything to you Gov?

KFS to Pal Al

Great comment about "most of our Republican Elected Officials." They proved you right yesterday with their latest inanity: 47 Senate Republicans sending a letter to the Irani Foreign Minister telling him that he'd better agree to any treaty with the five nations on his country's nuclear ambitions because the next president -- or Congress -- will negate it. As the title of an old right-wing screed proclaimed, "None Dare Call It Treason."

Your Pal Al

Wow. I was just reading an older National Geographic today and it was talking about the Hubble Telescope and what it can now see and do……………………….. It talked all about the 13.7 Billion year old universe we live in and regardless of anything else, that number is just astounding to me and although I’m not a scientist now, I did once play a scientist in school. My dear friend….this entire world is unbelievable and this is in our time…… And as to black holes…I think most of our Republican Elected Officials are in and have been in a BLACK HOLE for quite some time.

Art G

To further emphasize the wonderful subject of your blog, go to this link:


That "Pale Blue Dot" is us in a photograph from Voyager in 1990 at almost 4 billion miles away.
Very humbling indeed!

David S.

Great blog Kurt.

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