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March 30, 2015


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I actually accomplished Frost's, "miles to go before I sleep." Iris, the friend I told you about who suggested months ago-I read your column did read yours on Nancy Detert & was so enthusiastic, she phoned me tonight. After her call, I even caught up with back issues of the Wkly. I did post this for the Cruz column but 'think it didn't make it. I'll just show you. (See red). I know you have much occurring.

Hypocrisy is right! It's unconscionable that we do not have in this country "Affordable, Accessible, and Good Quality Health Care Coverage For ALL." In fact, we now have some GOP voices rolling the drumbeat again to cut or try to eliminate Medicare. How many of us can work at Walmart? I may ad that in WI…Walmart tells you to go on the state plan BUT thanks to Gov. Walker we don't have fed. funding for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Thus, thousands are denied.


I hope you're able to have a lovely Passover.

As ever thanks for all you're doing.


Bravo! Great irony . . .

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