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January 25, 2015


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Alan Weiss

I hope they don't kill that girl.

KFS to Barbara

Barbara: As much as I respect Shmuley Boteach's thoughts and opinions, here I think he's missing the bigger picture. To wit, that should Bibi agree to the speech, he would be permitting himself to become part of a partisan political food fight here in the United States; something which demeans him no end. No one is even sure if what Boehner has done is legal.
Forget about the "Jew haters" -- they're going to be there regardless of what Bibi does or does not do. Sometimes I wonder what came first: Jews or anti-Semites?


I subscribe to The Times of Israel & I just saw a blog written by Shmuley Boteach. He believes that Bibi has the right to protect his country at all costs & not worry about offending our Pres..... My problem stems from Bibi being such a savvy politician, why would he risk the backlash from our Pres & give soooo many Jew haters more cause to hate us???

A. Blake

Again my Rabbi- all very well put. I’m happy you used the word LAHNTSMEN since now I know exactly how it’s spelled! As to the ladies… love them all

And as to the gasbags- John Boehner is a rude joke and Mitch McConnell is an old rude joke. I always respected leaders of their various parties but unfortunately these 2 guys make it very difficult.

Ralph O.

Communication is a form of peace !

B. Marmorstein

Dr. Stone:
As almost always, I agree with and enjoy your apprehensive comments.


Terrifically put!


Very well put - "politics of beauty & beauty of politics." I think that P.M. Netanyahu is making a tactical mistake if he really decides to accept Speaker Boehner's invite. Enjoy the rest of the day!!!


Sedition anyone?

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