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December 01, 2014


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We can only hope for the best.

Alan Weiss

I enjoy the kvelling. They better just leave it alone!

Your  Friend Don

We can only hope that Bibi’s political missive is only that. A political offering in order to maintain his political stand. Perhaps it was proffered even knowing that it will never pass .

So - once again - I agree with you 100%.

Go figure!

First and foremost - Israel is a “DEMOCRACY”.

We all have seen what happens to those countries that become “the Islamic State of - or - the Catholic State of - or - the Buddhist State of ________ Fill in the blank. They seal their fate. Most Rabbis, Priests, and Mullahs are basically good people - but they ain’t got no political savvy. As much as I frown on politicians, and I could never become one, and I question their actions often enough - DEMOCRACY Is still the best worst way to govern !

Your Pal Al

Another fabulous weekly and we can only hope it holds true that this will not pass. Your final statement says it all, especially….”And He is us.”



Hon. Mel Levine

Thanks for writing this. Really important for friends of Israel to loudly make these vital points.

Dr. M.L. Brotherson

To the Hon. Chaim Shacham:

This article, written by Prof./Rabbi Kurt Stone, reflects my sentiments precisely.

I hope that your office will read it in its entirety.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mary Lou Brotherson

Hadassah Life member, Boy's Town of Jerusalem contributor, Jewish Federation of Greater Miami contributor

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