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August 11, 2014


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Kenneth G.

My credentials to comment; BS in Business, MS in Economics, Johns Hopkins University, JD, University of Baltimore; 27 years owned and operated very successful retail business; 25 years mid-level management, Maryland State Government: retired attorney, 89 years old.

I can assure you that no business will invest a nickel unless it believes that it will be able to sell at a profit, the goods and/or services which it offers, no matter how cheap or easy it is to procure funds to invest. And no business will be able to sell its goods and/or services unless there are consumers who have the funds to purchase those goods and services. It therefore follows that the more funds in the hands of consumers who will spend those funds for goods and/or services, the more robust the economy. Further, consumers who spend the most of their funds for consumer goods are those who live from paycheck to paycheck; minimum wage or close to minimum wage workers. And this does not even consider the “snowball” effect more spending will produce.

I must admit that I enjoy your articles and look for them regularly.


I must confess to you that although I'm a reliable reader of your work, I did not have the patience to read your essay this week, after being assaulted by all the other news events, such as ISIS and 200,000 innocents facing death and starvation in 115 degree heat, the Israeli/Gaza war, the Ukraine, Libya heating up, and beginning to be the same type of problem as Nigeria, and all of the anti-Semitism Jews face in Europe and elsewhere, right now.

As a lover of Bogart films, to which I sometimes revert in times of consternation, my thoughts go to our leader, the president who seems to be in the "Big Sleep", with Americans wondering whether we should Have him or Have not, in a drama equal to "High Sierra" where no "Treasure of Sierra Madre" or" Maltese Falcon" exists, but where we find ourselves in a "Dark Passage", and in some "Desperate Hours." Hillary even finds our president Shocked, Shocked that ISIS was this strong, and no Louis, unfortunately, this will probably be the ending of a beautiful friendship.

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