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August 04, 2014


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Sometimes you stop and ask yourself how this can go on for so many, many years. Repeating itself like a book with which one looks for the peaceful ending, but cannot find it. I can only think of one thing for now; can't Hamas find something nice to do?

Ernie Stokely

ontinued bitterness of both sides. Underneath the politics and the economic issues, which do play a role, are fundamentalist religious views. I am reaching the conclusion that there is no place in the 21st century for anybody’s fundamentalist views. Those who are sure they have God on their side and they know who/what God is deny the humility of standing before a Yahweh concept that was/is beyond human comprehension. So sad, so frustrating that we cannot understand that we all want the same thing from this short life ... to have a satisfying life, meaningful work, a family, children, and food and shelter.


well said---Israel has lost the media war--let's hope that it has significantly hampered Hamas' military abilities, so that Israel can have another couple of years of "relative" peace." As you probably know, Hamas has received relatively little in support from the Arab world in general, this time around. Chuck

Mel Levine

I think your very basic, humane, and actually obvious references to the tragedies in Gaza are the least anyone can say. Good for you. Keep it up and hang onto the thick skin.


to me

For what is worth I consider you one of the most brillant, honest, informed,educated,aware men on earth at this time. Without somone like you I would be even more depressed about the condition of this country thinking there are too few who really "know". By the way have you read Andrew Kreigs book "Presidential Puppetry"? It is a must read..


I wondered why Hamas had so much cement and never built shelters for the Palestinians in Gaza and you answered my question perfectly. Sadly, it is a way for them to get world opinion against Israel. I wish some TV personality or news release would open the eyes of the world to what havoc Hamas has and is causing. Imagine! Israel had to invent Iron Dome because of the years of rocket fire from Hamas! And sadly, I don't think it will ever end. The world has gone nuts.


I agree with all that you have written. My investment in Israel's safety is even more important than you can imagine. My married daughter and my four grandsons live in Ra'anana. My older brother, his wife and four children plus grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren also live near the West Bank. I pray everday that they will be ok.

Warren Weinstein

Herzl was one of the major movers and shakers for the establishment of a Jewish State in the Middle East. There were other choices . . . Argentina for one. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodor_Herzl for more detailed information.

Unfortunately, it was a poor choice. Jeffery Morton has said many times, when the subject came up in his classes, that Montana would have been a better choice. I personally like British Columbia.

In my opinion, the only strategy left for Israeli survival (in the long run), in their present location, is to become the benevolent state. Walls down. Offer advanced education, health care, food and finances to the surrounding Middle-East peoples.
Are there any other choices?

Alan Weiss

I too, pray for Israel's peace and security. Fat chance!

Warren Weinstein

Excellent piece. I'll be back with more comments.

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