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July 05, 2014


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Carlos P.

You are hitting on EIGHT cylinders with this column my friend. I am curious how the protesters in Murrieta, CA knew when those busses were arriving and why the local police did nothing to contain 50 demonstrators. It was obviously well orchestrated with the media. Great photo op that may back fire on extreme conservatives come November elections.

Having said that, I am also concerned about the huge numbers heading north, even as a son of immigrants. It’s a pity we could not have had more vision with regards to U.S. foreign policy in the hemisphere that could have helped create markets for American products closer to home with less impetus for illegal immigration. I know my parents would have preferred to stay on the island with jobs there, rather than come to the slums and sweat shops of New York’s garment district, if they had the option. It took them 40 years to work their way back to PR.

Most of our oil and trade comes from this hemisphere, not Europe, the Middle-east or Asia but American’s are the last to realize it. It’s a shame that we don’t acknowledge the balance of trade that we have with “Latin America” vs our gambits in the middle and far east. Paying more attention and respect to our southern neighbors would pay enormous dividends, not only in trade, but in a more mature approach to immigration issues and challenges.

I’ll step down from the box for now, but look forward to seeing you Wednesday.

My heartfelt thanks for bringing some much needed context to the national conversation. Well done!

Alan Weiss

The tired, the hungry, the poor!

A.R. Wald

Lets just go back to page one. Native American's got here first,. All of the Americas still belongs to them. They never signed off on borders or transfer of land it was stolen . Let them sell issues citizenships and passports for a fee, say $300 for passport and citizenship papers. And let them lease for sell the land and the mineral and grazing rights. Suddenly there is NO poverty in the native American community in the Americas and the recent immigrants are finally legal - This solves all the problems at once. anyone who does not pay up or negotiate to keep there lands etc., goes to jail, then gets deported to Antarctica, the only international continent. Have fun with the penguins MR and MR Koch Brothers


A masterpiece!


Very nice sentiments; however, our parents and ancestors come in legally--my father waited an additional year in Palestine to come in--how many of these illegals are enough??---how do we help these overwhelmed cities to absorb them--most important, suppose illegals from Syria, Iraq and Nigeria want to come, do we let them in. Muslims from a variety of countries have tried to enter illegally, does that worry you?? Are you not aware that ISIS has money, sarin gas and other WMD's that they are sworn to use--they have billions of dollars, and could easily pay off Mexican drug lords to smuggle them in to the U.S.
When our ancestors came to America, we were not faced with the terrorist's threat--we are not in Kansas anymore, and your position potentially endangers the homeland. Examine the thinking in Europe now, that had the policies you advocate.


Excellent article, Professor Stone! I recently was in Antwerp, Belgium where I was honored at the "Red Star Museum" which was built from the original red brick buildings through which my father came to America on one of their ships, the SS POLAND. I was in contact with one of their workers for two years after I had sent them the story I had written about my dad, his family, and how they lived in Czar est Russia. My dad became a citizen, learned about the workings of the sewing machines, became a mechanic and managed two factories for a company called, "Nite-Kraft". Eventually my dad opened his own company, showroom, factory and contractors. He advertised in the New York Times Magazine section. I am truly blessed to have had such a parent. And through his teaching, he taught me how to become the wonderful and successful fashion designer that I became.

Prof. Tibbi

Among a collection of fine, intelligent, cogent and pointed essays, your most recent one is, it seems to me, the jewel in the crown. We are currently in Paris, and in this country, as in our own, we can't help but notice the jobs of janitor in public for a, house cleaner , etc. are performed by immigrants. They don't "take jobs away from us", they do the work no one else wants to do for a wage no one else would accept. Their status doesn't give them choices, and we profit from their labor. It behooves us to remember that, in addition to our own immigrant origins.

Prof. Gil

Thanks, Kurt. A very well done piece. A breath of your incisive logic here in Paris, where we're spending the summer. I'm glad I have access to e-mail.

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