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July 28, 2014


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Alan Weiss

It hits a point where the administrators have little more to donate to the efficient running of what they are administrating. Brilliant changes to operations dwindle. The business (and especially the school boards) run fine; people get paid, supplies get ordered, output is steady, etc. At this point they should be divided into two categories; those that stay and those that find other jobs. Those that stay continue to run the day to day operations. Their jobs should have a low grade pay. Instead they all stay and vote themselves higher and higher pay grades. It is a vicious cycle.

KFS to Chuck

There is next to nothing I can add about the situation in Israel that has yet to be said or written. From the volume of emails I'm receiving from you daily, it is obvious that you cannot think about anything else. Please do not mistake my writing on another subject to be a lack of concern. It is anything but. . . .


someone has to take a hit, college is too expensive now--perhaps endowments have to kick in more--I'm surprised that you don't have anything to say about the more pressing headlines, even though one recognizes the importance of education. Frankly, I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

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