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June 14, 2014


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KFS to Don

Yo Don!

Great piece of writing. Ironically, I have spent the last several days reading tons of Damon Runyon short stories in preparation for a lecture. The argot you put into the mouths of 'da boyz' is hauntingly similar to the speech patterns of Dave the Dude, Rochester Red and The Sky.


As Talmudic scholars will not only question each and every phrase of each and every sentence, and each and every word in each and every phrase; well I likes tuh question the spellink of each and every word.

I “believe”it was in a previous life, that I happen the be sitting next to Rene, the goy to whom you defer, when he said to a mutuel friend of us, Henry More (an udder goy) and I quote . . . “Yo, Hank baby - was dat you who ‘thunk' it or was dat me who 'think' it?

Being quick on the retort, I immediately cleared up the sitiashum . . . “Hey Goys, oops I mean “Boys”, You didn’t ‘thunk’, you “think”! And I am here to tell you - so lets make it short and sweet - You like to think and therefore you should know it only happens when I happens to be here to tell you. Or - in other words . . .”I THINK THEREFORE I AM.”

And you can quote me on that!

The little minds of the boys in Congress to whom you are referring are basing their statements on the use of one phrase - “I believe”. To which I always ask . . . “You may “believe" it to be so, but how do you indubitably KNOW this to be fact. That is my question to anyone who is spouting out half-baked, far-fetched B.S. as the true fact of the matter. So I let them babble on & on, and then I ask: "How do you know?” Which is when we all find out that they really don’t know.

Although our Constitution was written with relative clarity using words and phrases of that time, it is the “intent’ of those brilliant minds to “indubitably” describe how our elected officials must act.

Happy Dad’s Day !


Unimaginable that these people are in a position of power. Scary stuff. Then again it is all scary to me. When Brat thanked God for his win that was it. Now they believe God votes for the tea party. REALLY?

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