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May 18, 2013


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Alan Weiss

Dear friend,

I am so sorry that you have to endure this terrible treatment. How dare them! Greed has gone too far. It was the plan of the insurance companies since the early sixties. Just give the doctors and the hospitals more money. Give them more money. They have brought it to fruition and now hold the country by the gonads! They will continue I am sorry to say.


I have been complaining of the same thing for 3 years. As an employer, I offer my employees healthcare, We have an HMO (80/20) with a high deductable. This payment is higher then any other bill we pay including our rent.

As a healthcare provider, you know that I have a contract with your insurance company. You are correct, they are the worst company to deal with. It takes months, sometimes years to get reimbursed, always with an ongoing battle.

You may or may not know that Aetna has purchased your insurance company as of May 7th. I'm sure your premiums will not be affected but hopefully once the take over is i place, Aetna won't be so stingy with their authorizations.

My advice, switch to Medicare when possible. I wish I didn't have to wait another 9 years!


Very sorry to hear of your difficulties with health insurance. Have you tried Aetna thru AARP?


The answer is to stay healthy.


Seek help from the State Commissioner of Insurance. We have used them for past health insurance issues. It is worth a try.


Voted for the wrong party...

KFS to Stanley

We do have some of the best medical care in the world . . . its the delivery system that stinks, which means that there are tens upon tens of millions of people who cannot take advantage of it.​


According to the people who want to repeal Obamacare we're supposed to have the best medical care on earth.

I forgot! There's always the hospital emergency room!! Oy!

Stephen K.

Good post.

I joined the local chamber of commerce, solely so I could buy their insurance program. My monthly premium, for myself (with pre-existing glaucoma), my two sons, a $3,500 deductible each and $5,000 overall, is $1,450.

The chamber dues are another $350 a year.

Of course, this still means health insurance costs me $20k a year before taxes, but it's better than your deal.

Maybe your local chamber has a similar offering.

Stay healthy, man.

Dr. Dana

Kurt, I'd just like to share the early part of my health insurance experience as a physician, who started practice in the fall of 1964. At that time there was no insurance and my charge for a visit was $5 either paid in cash or forgiven if the patient was either poor, another physician or his family, or any member of the clergy or their family. The reciprocal care or year end gift made it work out alright. About 5 years later a physician I had trained in a nearby small town told me he now takes health insurance and was paid $25. for the same work that I was receiving $5 and I should look into it. So I did, and sure enough, my payments from insurance progressively rose during this period of client development by the insurers. Also during that period, insurance allowances continued to rise whether we even asked or not. Unlike you, Rabbi, my wife and I pay about $10,000 a year and we also have Medicare.

There are many abuses of health care and its reimbursement strategies. It is complex, but the broken parts are definitely discoverable and the future will very slowly improve and make sense once all the corruption is discovered and professionalism and honesty becomes the dominate modus vivendi and modus operandi.

The Midnight Owl

horrible, extortive situation, made only worse by unscrupulous doctors and hospitals who over bill, rules regulations and paperwork, that force doctors to spend too much money to handle it, and lawyers who are easy to litigate, forcing large premiums for insurance on doctors. Medicare and AARP will eventually take care of it for you, I suggest the "F" plan in AARP. In the meantime, call as many insurance companies as possible, you may find a more pocket friendly one if you exhaust yourself--- I had the same situation with my oceanfront condo insurance, and happened on a company that would cover us, at far less than the state's Citizens-----------and stay healthy


Come to Canada . . . we will show you how it works.


Very sorry to hear of your difficulties with health insurance. Have you tried Aetna thru AARP?

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