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March 04, 2013


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Alan Weiss

I have a large group of people that I see regularly. None of them are in favor of what is being thrown at us.

Ernie Stokely

I hate to say this, Kurt, but it is the conclusion I have come to watching the last 13 years of politics in this country. The sequestration is the culmination of a 13-year testimonial to the abject stupidity of the American public that calls into question the wisdom of trying to establish any derivative of a democracy, even a republican government, when the citizenry are poorly educated.


I just do not get it that there is anyone on the face of this earth that thinks tax breaks for Exon and corporate jets is sacrosaint and we should bury seniors and the less advantaged. I just do not get it and it makes me "hate" which they do not care about but it is killing me!

A. Blake

AS always my dear friend, a great blog and the only thing I can add to this rhyme of absurdity is “Totally Screwed Up Nation”!


Exactly: a focus on jobs, incentives for small business to hire, reduction in regulations--no doubt you saw the recent government study on the relative environmental safety of the Keystone pipeline, focus on carbon energy independence, combined with renewable energy research, increased use of natural gas, until the latter is economically feasible, a sane immigration policy, which brings illegal's out of the shadows, and makes them productive tax paying citizens, with the stated strings attached, and weeding out of the corruption, and excesses in the ie. defense department and social services, curbing lobbyists, especially former congressmen and the family members--that's where it's at----and maybe a president who understands the value of approaching congressmen in an LBJ fashion, and doing some Clintonian work

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