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August 05, 2012


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Mitt Romney made a rather matter of fact statement indicating that (and I quote) . . . "there were a few things that were disconcerting - the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike by the immigration and customs officials, and that is something that is not encouraging . . . "

What would you say if the largest convention of Jewish clergy in the world was to start in 2 weeks and the security firm that was contracted 2 years ago announced that they didn't have enough "Trained" personnel to protect those most honored rabbis in the world?

I suspect you, being one of those honored Rabbis, would be more than just a little "disconcerted". Certainly, as someone who is never afraid to speak up, you would make your outrage known to whom ever would listen.

I don't understand why you call it a "gaff". As the man who came on board in an instant and not only saved the 2000 Salt Lake City Olympics - he made it into a profitable event, the Brits along with the int'l Olympic Committee members who were facing this pending disaster should have privately asked for his assistance. The only comments that I heard were comparisons to previous Olympics and how they all operated at a tremendous loss. But none of the MSM mentioned the 2000 Salt Lake City Olympics in those comparisons.

Next stop Israel !

I'm surprised again by your lack of fact-finding ! Adelson was never the 3rd wealthiest man on the planet, nor was he the 3rd wealthiest man in America, maybe the 3rd wealthiest Jew east of Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas. Be that as it may, why even mention that when President Obama has 8 of the top 25 wealthiest in America on his speed dialer.

Once again your fact-finding is less than accurate - Yes, every American politician visits the Western Wall, and every American candidate for office visiting Israel will have a fund-raiser. But maybe you haven't been to the King David Hotel recently - it ain't "ultra-posh" no more.

And lastly before I make this missive to long, why would you even honor the words of Abu Mazen, a devout Jew-hater who signed an agreement with Hamas, and Erekat his spokesman who glowingly preaches about the Culture of the Palestinians. What culture does he refer to? They have no culture. They have no dignity. They have no respect for the Israeli government that provides their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly entitlements that allows them to exist. They are all blinded by their hatred of the Jews and Israel. Their health care, their electric power, their oil, and even their water supply comes from Israel. They have been 'ships at sea' for 68 years. Why haven't their muslim brothers provided the funds to build their own generators, irrigate the land & cultivate their farms, or build their own infra-structure? It's because they are despised by the Saudi's, the Kuwaiti's, the Iraqi's, the Omani's, the Bahraini's, and most of the Emirates. They are 'persona non-grata' in Kuwait, & are only allowed into Saudi on Hajj to Mecca. The West Bank has 30% unemployment but the Palestinians who live in Israel enjoy 6% unemployment, while the Israelis have less than 4%. I have had 2 projects in Jerusalem and both were accomplished using a mix of workers - Palestinian, Romanian, and Jordanian. Both with an Israeli GC. The 1st was Moshe Dayan's Home & Office, and the 2nd was completed 6 years ago - a 16K sf residence for a NYC observant Jew. No problems, and beautifully detailed inside & out. If the Palestinians living inside Israel can do this - why can't the hoards still living in West Bank shanty towns ?

Alan Weiss

Wow, that was a lot to swallow. They may as well bring it up a few more times. We all know how they like to waste out time and money.

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