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February 05, 2012


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David Weinstock

An example of Congress "tinkering" with the tax code that resulted in sucessful job creation was in the late 70's with "investment tax credit" ... build more infrastructure in a company and take the tax credits resulted in jobs created due to the demand for goods and services related to thhe "infrastructure builds" ... today we have a different economy ... one where companies think nothing of moving jobs offshore to improve the bottom line. If I had the answers, I'd be an economist, not an engineer. But I remain positive.


How True! How True! How True!

C. Becker

I liked this column. What can we do when the Republicans just lie? These seem like black and white facts, but they don't like the facts. It's maddening, isn't it?

And they also say that President Obama and Hilary Clinton have thrown Israel under the bus. We've got to get the word out.

KFS to Stan

For all the things he accomplished in a long, long life, I think Doc would be amused that next to his family, his expression "The Masses Are Asses!" is what has given him the greatest measure of immortality!
And yes, these idiots do get away with "outrageous statements." They are actually in the ridiculous position of promoting and cheering on the country's failings . . . which in my mind is nothing short of treason.


They get away with these outrageous statements simply because their supporters blindly follow and believe. To me, that's what's so hard to comprehend. - Grandpa was so right when he said "The Masses Are Asses!!"

Alan Weiss

Thank you so much for that....

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