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August 03, 2011


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KFS to Warren

All of the current and former member of Congress that I include in my books there with their permission (unless, of course, they died long ago). I well remember putting the question to the late Senator Barry Goldwater about whether or not he wished to be in my first book -- this after many interviews over several years. His answer? "You bet. I owe it to my Goldwasser relatives, especially my uncle Morris, who practically raised me. I only wish I knew more about being Jewish . . ." Goldwater's funeral, as you may know, was presided over by a rabbi, at the request of both the senator and his second (Jewish) wife.
As for Ralph Branca: according to Jewish law, he was Jewish. However, if I was writing a book on famous Jewish athletes, I would first ask him if he wanted to be included . . .

Warren Weinstein

Sorry if I was offensive. The real issue: is naming a person without his or her approval white, black, jew or catholic a racist act?
Is Ralph Branca Jewish?

Ash London

With regards to "Warren Weinstein's" nasty question: Anyone who has read Dr. Stone's books on the Jewish members of Congress knows that he states at the outset what his criteria are for defining a person as being Jewish: having a Jewish mother, converting to or atually practicing the Jewish faith; being listed in Professor Jacob Rader Marcus' "The Jews of America."
Mr. Weinstein's comment about "us[ing] the racial laws created by the Third Reich" is offensive to the max . . .

Alan Weiss


Warren Weinstein

How do you define Jewish? By surname or by belief in supreme being? Or are all people born to a Jewish mother cultural Jews? Or do you use racial laws created by the Third Reich?

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