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July 23, 2011


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KFS to Bob

Although holding up Congressional paychecks would amount to far, far less than a spit in the ocean -- and many members are independently wealthy -- it would no doubt get across a strong point . . . and make them mad as Hell.

All-in-all, a good idea!


We would definitely close the budget gap if we deleted all of Congess' entitlements. If they dare hold up the Social Security checks, do not send out their paychecks for carrying on this circus. They are a bunch of spoiled brats.

Ken Kadis

Our two party system is not working. We need a third party that can help to effect compromises. Your ideas are very good.

ray Briggs

Kurt Stone for president


This is so good, I'm emailing my representatives, Senators and the White House to tell them to read this blog! It's time we really got worried. I've made phone calls, written emails etc., but I feel dreadfully inadequate to find a way out of this quagmire. If you are on Facebook put it on there. The response is usually excellent.


I agree with MOST of your suggestions - however I feel we should repeal ALL the Bush/Obama tax cuts and then reinstitute some of them at some future time when if/we can afford them. Why stop at the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? Bring them ALL home - from Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. Close 100% of all tax loopholes - NO EXCEPTIONS - and simplify the tax code with three brackets, at whatever % we find necessary. Stop sending people like me Social Security checks - we dont need them - dont tell me to just send them back - and put a means testing on Medicare and make Medicare universally available!

ALL ENTITLEMENTS must be cut somewhat - drastically - if we are unable to live within our means we are doomed!

Most importantly - Change ALL State & Federal election processes - NO REELECTIONS, PERIOD! Maybe one 6 year term for congress, senate & president/vice-president. Our system really is broken.

Alan Weiss

Yes sir!

KFS to Judi

Judi: I LOVE that term, "Foxified." You ought to take out a copyright on it! How perfect


So well said. I have been thinking the exact same way and wishing we had real leaders to get us heard. I went to DC many t imes to protest. I would do so again;. Too many people Foxified.


"These are the times that try men's souls..."(T. Paine) While the torpid and moribund Congress hobbles through the hallowed, hollow halls of the marbled mortuary of ideas to the next Press Conference, allow me to release a flood of a few ideas as a result of your challenge:

1. Introduce a continuing resolution that restates the Federal oath of office to specifically negate "Grover Norquist" pledges. Call it restraint of trade, "laxation without representation" or anything that might add a fresh breath of air to the nabobs of negativity.

2. Ask President Obama to issue an executive order to reduce the salaries of all government employees above a "G-rating" equal to $100,000+ by a factor of 15%, including such luminaries as the Postmaster General, Head of Amtrak and others. Next, argue that individuals making $250,000+ be taxed at the same level, period.

3. Ask President Obama to propose that should the government be forced into a default; ALL elected Federal Officials will be the last to be paid. Further, Congress shall remain in-session under the Emergency War Powers Act (or any other applicable Acts.) Federal officials would also lose any and all travel perks, including drivers for cars, up-grades etc.

4. Suspend the Federal gasoline tax and Federal subsidies to energy companies by Executive Order.

5.And, as a last resort, Order Federal No-Trade National Holidays to keep stock and bond markets shuttered.

Ya' think it might work among the "might" of the mighty?

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